Proven Strategic Digital Marketing Expert. Google Certified.

My experience is vast but currently strongest in all aspects of digital advertising & marketing campaigns, social media strategy & digital presence, website design, architecture & planning, and campaign reporting for clients ranging from national brands to government agencies.

With that said, I live by the mantra: Don’t just think – Do.

While theorizing and pondering “what if” scenarios are great mind exercises – Dreaming is only part of the equation – My goal is to take those dreams, plan them out and turn them into realities. I find that creatively tackling opportunities with a fundamentally disciplined and detail oriented approach can create a rewarding experience for all those involved. I’ve found that acknowledging the human element in all situations within these opportunities and experiences is key to a successful and fulfilling journey.

Experienced in:

Google Analytics
Google Adwords, Display Network, Shopping, Video
Google Doubleclick Products: DFB, DBM
Google Tag Manager & Pixel Placements
HTML / CSS / Javascript
Bing Ads
R.O.I. Driven Campaigns
SEO: Moz, Google Search Console, Ahrefs
SEM: Direct, Site/Search/Behavioral/Contextual Retargeting
Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Premier, InDesign
Facebook + Instagram Advertising & Marketing
YouTube Trueview Advertising
Social Media (Brand) Management & Marketing: Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest
Email Marketing: MailChimp & Constant Contact
Marketing Platforms: Act-On & Marketo
Content Management: WordPress, Square
Various CRMs including Salesforce


DMCA (Digital Marketing Certified Associate) – SimpliLearn

Google Adwords, Shopping, Mobile, Video certifications



Marketing Projects:

Sustainable Obtainable Tiny House

In conjunction with The Community Environmental Council (CEC), I organized and brought 14 companies together to build a smart tiny house that was built from sustainable/ donated materials to effectively communicate an alternative living option while showcasing the participating company’s craftsmanship & abilities. This project utilized the latest in green construction materials, as well as the latest smart technologies for residential homes, focused on reducing one’s carbon footprint.


The Control Lab

Originally titled “The Thrift Store” – this was an exercise in business building as well as local business marketing. It was so successful in both of those categories that we actually started taking on local clients to market for. What started out as an “everything business” encompassing online and brick & mortar retail sales of basically anything under the sun quickly pivoted into a niche of retail retro video games & electronics with full diagnostic & repair. The business still stands today after being acquired in 2015, two years after it started.


My work & writing has also been featured in these publications: