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UCSB Art Dept. iClicker setup instructions

In this guide I am going to walk you through what you need to know to setup iClicker for your class. iClicker works well for large lecture classes (like ART 1C). It is pretty easy to use and setup, follow the guide and you shouldn’t have any problems with getting it going. The iClicker system is WAY easier than making little slips for everyone to turn in every meeting.


So here goes:

First, you need to pickup your teacher iClicker pack from Kerr Hall (RM 1130)

The one I got looked like (this picture), the remote looks like this: (GEN 1) (GEN 2)

Second, go to www.iclicker.com and download/install the latest iClicker and iGrader software

Third, plug your iClicker base station into your laptop and setup a new course

Fourth, go to: ( http://oic.id.ucsb.edu/sites/default/files/iclicker_Synchronization_Steps_0.pdf ) and follow the instructions on how to import your class list and sync it with the course you created

…and THATS IT! You are done with the setup!


Now, to use it in class:

I used to ask a question at the beginning and end of class regarding the previous lecture the students attended and use that question as the attendance for the day. If the student was late or left early, that student would only get half attendance credit for the day. Seemed fair to me!

When you are done using it for the class session, you hit the sync button and it will sync it with the iclicker website where the students need to register their clickers. You need to be connected to the web for this, if you don’t have web access, it is ok, it will remember the info as long as the program is open, so don’t close the program until you have synced.

Once you do that, the iClicker software automatically imports that information into iGrader and gives you point totals for every student that is in your roster that you created earlier. You need to MAKE SURE they register their clickers and that they use the same clickers the entire quarter. Failure to do this will have you merging a lot of student’s clicker IDs (which is kind of a pain).

You can use it on different frequencies every class if you want, it doesn’t affect anything. I would suggest to stay with the same frequency if you can.


A few problems you WILL run into:

Out of a 150 person class, I always had 3 or 4 students come up after class and have a reason why they couldn’t click in: Batteries dead, forgot clicker, clicker broken, etc.

At the end of the quarter, there will be a few students who have no clicks but are still registered for the class. Make sure you get their clicker ID from them and do a search in your roster for that clicker, you will have to manually assign the clicker to that student. The reason this happens is either a rogue error with the software and iClicker website, or the student didn’t register on the website. You may also have a person with split attendance between two (or sometimes even 3 or 4) clickers. Don’t worry, just merge them all.


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