Right out of graduate school in 2013 I started a business called The Thrift Store that over the course of the next 6 months morphed into The Control Lab – a hybrid Marketing & Retail space that was acquired in 2015.

Earth Day Tiny House project: We aimed for this project to document a sustainable yet obtainable way to build a smart tiny home, we want to educate people about what options, technologies, and methodologies exist to build or incorporate into your own tiny house as well as to share our build. I lived in this house for the following 2 years after the build.

Quick Tech Check aims to be your new go-to source for quick and easy tech reviews in plain language. Your time is valuable – There you’ll find custom tailored reviews and top tech lists to be as direct and to the point, as they could possibly be.

Chris Silva Photography: Architecture, Real Estate, and Construction Photography.

Our Future Initiative: OFI operates to actively engage STEM pipeline initiators and empower underrepresented youth with the proficiencies and experiences necessary for them to enter the workforce. Partnerships between secondary education bodies, corporate entities and institutions are organized and employed, towards the shared goal of inclusion, by Our Future Initiative.